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ArkIUG: Arkansas Innovative Users Group


(approved 2/25/05)

Article I. Name

The name of this organization will be the Arkansas Innovative Users Group (ArkIUG).

Article II. Purpose

 The purpose of the ArkIUG will be to:

Encourage optimum use of Innovative Interfaces, Inc. (Innovative) modules and products through the sharing of ideas among ArkIUG members.

Gather and disseminate information on the use of Innovative products among the users of the systems.

Serve as a forum to influence the development and improvement of Innovative products for the benefit of ArkIUG members.

Foster and improve relationships and communication among members, and between members and Innovative.

Article III. Membership

 Section 1. Definition.

Member institutions shall be those in the state of Arkansas that use any module of the Innovative library software.

Section 2. Rights and Privileges.

Each member institution shall appoint a primary contact person (designated in the ArkIUG directory) to be its official ArkIUG voting representative. Each member institution may cast one (1) vote on any issue presented to the ArkIUG. Only the primary contact person from a member institution (or a designated substitute communicated to the ArkIUG Chair in advance of the meeting) may cast a vote. Any person currently employed by a member institution may participate in ArkIUG activities, hold office, serve on committees, and engage in debates on ArkIUG policies. Non-members may attend open meetings and participate in discussions.

Article IV. Officers and Steering Committee

Section 1. Definitions.

The officers of the ArkIUG will be Chair, Chair Elect, Past Chair and Secretary/Treasurer. The officers comprise the Steering Committee.

Section 2. Terms of Office.

The Chair Elect shall serve one year as Chair Elect, one year as Chair, and one year as Past Chair. The Secretary/Treasurer shall serve for two years. Terms end at the conclusion of the spring meeting.

Section 3. Nominations

The ArkIUG Chair shall request from the members nominations for candidates for ArkIUG offices at least thirty days prior to the ArkIUG spring meeting. No one shall be added to the slate without the consent of the nominee.

 Section 4. Duties of the Chair.

The Chair shall preside at all ArkIUG meetings and at meetings of the ArkIUG Steering Committee; coordinate meeting planning in conjunction with other officers; appoint such committees as may be required to carry out operations that are consistent with the purposes of the ArkIUG, and appoint members to such committees; work closely with the Chair Elect in all areas of ArkIUG organization and planning; communicate new information and report on the status of ArkIUG activities to ArkIUG members; and turn over all Chair records to the next Chair at expiration of term.

Section 5. Duties of the Chair Elect.

The Chair Elect shall assist the Chair in all areas of ArkIUG organization and planning; serve as the main planning contact for the two annual ArkIUG meetings; perform the duties of the Chair in the event of the Chair's temporary or permanent absence; and turn over all Chair Elect records to the next Chair Elect upon assuming duties as Chair.

Section 6. Duties of the Secretary/Treasurer.

The Secretary/Treasurer shall record minutes for all ArkIUG Steering Committee meetings and post to the ArkIUG website; maintain the ArkIUG website with appropriate information, as determined by the Steering Committee; keep the ArkIUG directory updated on the ArkIUG website; make corrections to current minutes or any documents generated by the Steering Committee as needed; prepare and distribute mailings to the membership as needed; and turn over all Secretary records to the next Secretary. The Secretary may assign website coding to a person of their choosing, but retains responsibility for the website design and maintenance.

Section 7. Duties of the Past Chair.

The Past Chair shall act as an advisor to the Steering Committee.

Article V. Membership Meetings

Section 1. Number of Meetings.

There shall be two (2) meetings a year, fall and spring, at a time and site selected by the ArkIUG Steering Committee. Additional meetings may be held at the Steering Committee's discretion.

Section 2. Notice of Meetings.

The Chair shall distribute notice of ArkIUG meetings to members at least thirty days in advance. This information shall be sent to the listserv and posted on the ArkIUG website.

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