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Discussion List Information

The Arkansas Innovative Users Group (ArkIUG) discussion list is used to communicate information about ArkIUG activities and as a forum for discussing the use of the Innovative system.

The list address is

To join the list:

Send a message with no subject line to:

In the body of the message, type only this information:

subscribe arkiug-l Your first name Your last name

Be sure to omit any signature lines.

Alternately, you can contact the list owner:

Anne Liebst, ARKIUG-L Listowner

Posting messages

Only members of the list may send messages to it. To post to the list, send your email to:


Changing your subscription status

If you wish to unsubscribe or change your options (e.g.. switch to or from digest mode, stop your mail temporarily, etc.), visit the ARKIUG-L archives page at:

As the link implies, this is also the location of the list's searchable archives.

You can also manage your subscription via email by sending commands to:

If you send a message to this address with the words 'INFO REFCARD' in the body (don't include the quotes), and you will get back a message with a list of the commands that you can use.

Also, if you encounter problems with the list, you may contact the list owner directly:

Anne Liebst, ARKIUG-L Listowner